Origin Story

The world needs more Canada, sure; but does it need another blog? Maybe yes, maybe no. This idea came to me as a result of a very difficult day at work in a series of very difficult days that had been passing like a 100+ car train at railroad crossing when you have to pee. A colleague from Ontario was planning a road trip from Banff to the BC coast and asked me about some of the highway routes, and what there was to do in Victoria.

45 minutes later, I was re-energized and searching the internet for links to my favourite places, thinking about my best photos and all my road trip wisdom. My road trip stories are as bottomless as my love for exploration; and neither of these are not as immense as my love for my country.

You know what this is.

I am penning this at what is either the waning end or the beginning of the third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, and it is clear the international travel will remain on hold for sometime (at least for the not so rich and famous). What a better time to get out and explore our backyard.


But wait, there’s more…I also am a firm believer in supporting local products and businesses – so you’ll hear about those too.

This space is about celebrating all that is beautiful, joyful, tasty, fun, and just outright spectacular about my home. It is not about whip scrolling through my life story to get to the restaurant or recipe. I hope some of you enjoy the stories, but for those that are in a hurry to get to the goods, I’ll post a TLDR at the top of each entry. Well, the long ones anyway.


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