Local Product Showcase: My Little Paintings at Avenida Fresh Market & Kitchens

TLDR:  Wear an exquisite work of art around your neck.  http://www.mylittlepaintings.ca

Stopping in at Avenida Food Hall (now operating under the name Avenida Fresh Market & Kitchens) has become a bit dangerous.  I mean, it was before, with all of the smells from the food vendors and, late in the afternoon, the incredible aroma of the rotisserie chickens roasting from Sunworks Farms.

A few weeks ago I stopped in looking for some local products to try.   The Mercantile at the market is a mini-mall of local products all on its own – bakery, pastas, meat, vegan, gluten free, kombuchas, dairy, fruit pies, meat pies, and your choice of local tea or coffee to top it off.

But the truly dangerous thing for my wallet these days are the charming pendants made by mylittlepaintings.ca.  Each pendant is a tiny little painting, each one individually made guaranteeing a one of a kind treasure carefully placed under glass and hung on a 24″ chain. 

The designs range from scenic landscapes and bright happy flowers to moody and whimsical designs to capture  every taste.  Starting at $29.99 each, they are a steal for your very own tiny original artwork.  On each of my last two trips I bought 2, bringing my total collection to 4.  (You see what I mean by dangerous to the wallet!)  The settings and chains come in silver or black and although I’m not certain of the composition, they do not irritate my skin – and I’m highly sensitive to nickel and zinc.  (I once broke out in a rash from Physician’s Formula sensitive skinmake up because there was cobalt in the sparkly blue eyeshadow). 

My quickly growing collection of wearable art

She also has small canvasses for those with a bigger appetite or just don’t care to wear their art around their neck. 

Now don’t fear, Calgarians that do not travel south of 17th and everyone else – you don’t necessarily have to go to Avenida to obtain your own perfect piece.  The artist carries a broad selection of her work at Made by Hand in Moose Jaw, and has an Etsy store for your convenience.

If you are in Calgary, though, make sure to check out that rotisserie chicken (this is not your grocery store rotisserie chicken) and an array of food booths that are not your typical mall food fair vendors. Authentic Venezuelan arepas (a pocket full of yum), Holy Cannoli’s multiple versions of the Italian classics, and a new vendor, Kokom’s Bannock, featuring twists on the Indigenous classic like Bannock pizza, hot dogs, and burgers.

Most of the pendants are quite tiny – around the size of a quarter give or take, with some larger items as well. I used to love to doodle heart shaped balloons so I couldn’t resist this fanciful piece.

These make a lovely gift and with so many designs it would be easy to find the perfect little painting for someone you love.  The price point makes them reasonably priced for bridesmaid gifts, teacher or hostess gifts. They also slide right off the chain so if you prefer a different style, or length chain it’s easy enough to change them out.  I think they would make adorable anklet charms as well. 

Check them out at http://mylittlepaintings.ca

I also recommend checking out these additional Avenida vendors:




Holy Cannoli is on instagram (@holycannoliyyc)

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