Autumn in Calgary

I haven’t had much time to write so we’ll call this a photo essay. I don’t know exactly what differentiates a photo essay from a photo album. Perhaps it needs to tell a story. Okay, pick the theme that most appeals to you:

1. A commentary on urban sprawl

2. An example of incorporating natural spaces for wildlife within an urban area

3. An unsuccessful deer hunt

4. An unseasonably warm September in Alberta: is it climate change or just good fortune?

5. Photography – an excellent way to dawdle and catch your breath should you accidentally find your out of shape behind hiking.

Not the slopes people think of when they imagine Alberta…their loss
I couldn’t spot a coyote, but I’d bet my lunch money there’s one in this photograph.
People habitat on top, bird and small mammal habitat below.
A 🦫 ‘s work is never done.

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