Supply Chain, Schmupply Chain

Everyone is posting about shopping local, but who else brings you a genuine nearly direct from the artist treasure. And featuring an adorable sea otter at that. That’s what we here at I Frickin Love Canada are all about.

This was a single piece from an artist named Karen Derby that I spotted in the new-ish Chemainus Town Market and nearly blinded the lovely woman watching over the artist collective space throwing my credit card at her.

Artist collectives are becoming more prominent and visible – my recommendation is to go a little out of your way and check out the ones in smaller towns. As much as I love Granville Island, they have a steady stream of traffic. Take a little time and find an artist’s enclave or farmer’s market off the beaten path. And while doing so, drop some cash at a mom and pop cafe that is likely still struggling.

Some of these local collectives and artists can be found on the web as well, so if you can’t break the online shopping habit, click beyond page 1 of the search results to get beyond the behemoths of the marketplace.

Looking for a light read as a gift or for yourself? Head down to your local bookstore and pick up a copy of Rick Mercer’s Talking to Canadians. Oozing with gratitude and oddly humble; underneath the wit and the odd bit of name-dropping is a sweet thank you letter to everyone who supported his career.

It’s also predictably hilarious, with a few backstage surprises. I had no idea Tom Cochrane was an epic badass, for example.

And let the countdown to next year begin…

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