Stay Chill, My Friends

This post is specifically directed for my friends, friends-to-be, and strangers I’m cool with in Calgary and area:

Calm down, shop local, eat carbs.

That’s it. That is all the joy you need today, the busiest shopping day of the year.

I was just at Avenida Market not half an hour ago – plenty of parking, no crowds, and lots of fantastic gifts for good girls and boys. I can’t post pics of my booty, because, well – presents – but trust me. Totally stress- free experience.

The Deerfoot is a mess, so shop really local, southerners. Avoid the mall and support your local farmers, artists, crafters, and food vendors!

And reward yourself with something like this heavenly sourdough cranberry and pecan loaf from Rustic Bakery. Chewing as I type, and man is this some tasty, tasty gluten. But if gluten isn’t your thing, chill, Miss P’s Gluten Free has something just right for you.

Yes those are sesame seeds on the plate. No I didn’t wipe it, I was in a rush to get it in my gaping facehole!

I started the morning at the local Shoppers – no they didn’t have kits, but they did have a few doses of Moderna so I got my booster. There was just one pharmacist that early, and the phone was non-stop for pharmacy. Be kind to the pharmacists if you’re out doing the same.

In fact, be extra kind and patient with all of the retail folks out there. Many will have just been hired for the season and may still be learning. They didn’t cause the traffic jam, plan the parking lot, make the mask rule, hide all the size medium shirts, or cause everyone to decide to pay at the same time (why does this always happen?). They didn’t make the schedule, and furthermore they actually showed up despite the bad roads and hangover – be mad at the ones that didn’t. Or you know, like the lady says, Let it Go. Have some sweet, sweet carbs to get a good serotonin buzz on, and go on your merry way.

Chill shopping, Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays. Be Cool. Be Kind. Be Canadian.

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