About Me

The best view of the Rockies

I was born and raised in a small town in Northern BC. For a few years as a youngster I boomeranged between Vancouver, Victoria, and my mother’s basement.

Then, dammit, I met a man, got married and started moving. Edmonton, Southern Ontario, Asheville NC, Estevan, and finally Calgary for the last decade. I have decided I want to reincarnate as a tortoise so my home goes wherever I do automatically, with packing or movers.

It’s possible that I have some ancient Egyptian throwback genes or was one in a former life, because I don’t just love cats – I worship them. Hubby tolerates one resident feline who receives all of my worship. Since I can’t surround myself with real cats, I have been slipping various cat themed decorations into our home decor over the years so that our home now resembles some sort of half built Aristocats ride at Disneyland.

This site is about finding joy, fantastic food, beauty, and adventures in places you might not expect or may not have even heard of. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

I also like to take pictures from plane windows.